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A bitcoin whale transfers 9,055 Bitcoins, coinciding with the cryptocurrency market downturn


Bitcoin whales are moving strongly once again amid fluctuations in the price of the cryptocurrency market.

A large player converted 9,055 Bitcoin on Sunday, after the world’s largest cryptocurrency lost nearly 20% of its value over the weekend.

According to the latest data published by the “Whale Alert” platform, the total value of the mentioned transaction is around $ 400 million.

Bitcoin whale transferred 9055 bitcoin to an unknown wallet on Sunday May 16 at 21:32 UTC.

The recent collapse in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices has triggered some large wallets to move.

Regardless of the recent $ 400 million wallet move, another unknown whale transferred 7,231 bitcoins worth over $ 305 million to an unknown digital wallet on Monday May 17 at 5:50 UTC.

Recent rises in both Bitcoin and Ethereum have led to some sluggishness in wallets and between headlines, which have driven and contributed to the historic rise in cryptocurrencies, according to Santiment.

Large Bitcoin and Ethereum transfers:

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest digital currencies in the world.

“Whale Alert” highlighted an increase in the activity of Bitcoin and Ethereum whales.

Recently a 200,000 Ethereum account, worth more than $ 702 million, was transferred today from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange to an external crypto wallet.

Big Bitcoin addresses also serve to transport the world’s largest digital currency from leading trading platforms to cold storage or unknown wallets.

Today, Monday, a Bitcoin whale converted 1,500 Bitcoins worth more than $ 68 million from “Coinbase” into an unknown digital wallet.

The supply of Bitcoin and Ethereum on cryptocurrency trading platforms has decreased since the start of this year as whales try to reduce the supply on the trading platforms.

The recent crash in the cryptocurrency market has caused a sharp decline in Bitcoin’s dominance in the market, as the dominance percentage at the time of preparing this article is estimated at about

The world’s largest digital currency currently dominates the market at 40%, the lowest level in more than three years.

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