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A luxury Swiss hotel owned by Samih Sawiris announces acceptance of Bitcoin and Ethereum


The Chedi Andermatt hotel, located in the Swiss Alps region, has announced that it will allow its guests to pay for their stay at the hotel in digital currencies.

The hotel, owned by Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris, stated that it will accept the two digital currencies “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum”, and will consider accepting other digital currencies in the future.

In a statement reported by Bloomberg News, the hotel’s general manager Jean-Yves Platt said in a statement: “We are making a clear statement to our customers that we are open to new technologies, while at the same time offering a new payment experience as an additional service.”

The five-star hotel is located 110 kilometers from the city of Zurich, and the cost of accommodation in it reaches thousands of dollars per night, according to its website.

Bloomberg reported that the hotel began studying the option of dealing with digital currencies four years ago, but waited until it could ensure that financial transactions would be safe, as well as the possibility of avoiding fluctuations in the prices of these currencies.

Who is Samih Sawiris?

Samih Sawiris is the founder and chairman of Orascom Development Holding, a leading developer of integrated tourism, real estate and hotel cities.

The company operates in 7 countries around the world: Egypt, Switzerland, the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Montenegro, and the United Kingdom.

The group operates 33 hotels with a capacity of 7,198 rooms, and owns approximately 101 million square meters of land.

Honorary Citizen of Samih Sawiris of Switzerland

The Council of Uri Canton in Switzerland granted honorary citizenship to Samih Sawiris, in recognition of his development efforts to support and develop the concept of integrated cities in the city of Andermatt.

Sawiris is the first non-Swiss person to obtain this certificate in recognition of his effective contributions to the development of the integrated cities sector in this strategic location over the past years.

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