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A Turkish digital currency trading platform that reserves users’ money in conjunction with the disappearance of the platform manager!


Fraud casts a shadow over the crypto market, where fraudulent methods and techniques vary between hacking and direct and indirect fraud.

Its trademark on Wednesday, in front of the “Thodex” platform for trading cryptocurrencies, which takes from its users who traded their prices around the clock.

The class action lawsuit was filed on the same day the platform closed the trading process, shutting down the platform to users’ funds and seizing their holdings, lead prosecutor Oguz Evren Kılıç told Bloomberg in an interview.

He told “Kılıç” that the founder and CEO of the trading platform, Faruk Fatih Ozir, left Turkey one day before the platform was suspended.

Hours ago, the Anatolia News Agency reported that the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office had already launched an investigation into the “Thodex” trading platform.

Thodex is one of the largest Turkish cryptocurrency trading platforms, with 400,000 users and more than $ 1.2 billion in daily trading volume.

Today, April 22, the platform angered users after announcing it suddenly closed its services for five days for maintenance and to receive foreign investment, it claims.

What makes many question marks arise is whether the platform has been piracy and the administration is covering up the matter, or is it a fraud, which is confirmed by “Oguz Evren Kılı,” especially after the disappearance of the platform manager.

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