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After announcing the search for specialists in the Blockchain and Crypto…Will Amazon finally enter the crypto market?


Amazon is one of the most powerful companies in the technology and commercial field, and the company seems determined to maintain its reputation as an innovative company and is looking to experiment with cryptocurrencies by researching its digital currency strategy and developing its blockchain products.

According to an announcement on Thursday, Amazon is looking for a blockchain specialist to lead its cryptocurrency and blockchain strategy.

The Amazon digital payments acceptance team is looking for a product development leader, who should have experience developing Amazon’s strategy in cryptocurrency, Amazon Digital Currency and Blockchain.

The new leader will lead the digital payment team to work closely with other Amazon teams, and will come into contact with many of the services and products offered by Amazon, including AWS.

What is Amazon looking for?

The expert mentioned in the aforementioned recruitment announcement must have at least an MBA degree or equivalent, more than 10 years of experience in business or technology, and must have team management skills, understanding of data and metrics, and good communication skills .

The company has not disclosed any salary details, but the person should be willing to move to Seattle, Washington.

Amazon appears convinced of the need for innovation in digital payments and finance.

The crypto and blockchain development team is a sign of Amazon’s interest in exploring these emerging technologies to offer better financial products.

According to an email shared by Business Insider , the Amazon team confirmed their interest in exploring an approach to the cryptocurrency world.

However, they did not specify whether this will be done through the development of a private digital currency or by accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

From the message published by the aforementioned source:

We have been inspired by the innovation happening in cryptocurrency and we are exploring what this could look like on Amazon… We believe the future will be built on new technologies that enable modern, fast and inexpensive payments, and we hope to bring this future to Amazon customers as quickly as possible.

Amazon and its ancient relationship with crypto:

Amazon’s interest in the cryptocurrency world is not new.

In 2017, Amazon proactively purchased a number of domain names that associate its brand with cryptocurrency, including,, and even

At the time, Patrick Gautier told CNBC that the e-commerce giant had little interest in cryptocurrencies and had no plans to support crypto payments.

Crypto developers did not remain idly by, but rather developed several add-ons for the browser that allow shopping and buying from Amazon with cryptocurrencies, including the “Pay With Moon” add-on that allows payments on Amazon using Bitcoin through the “Lightning Network.”

This time, it seems that Amazon is more than willing to announce its informal relationship with cryptocurrencies in the coming days.

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