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America’s oldest bank opens a cryptocurrency center in Ireland


Many financial institutions and banks across the world continue to explore the uses of cryptocurrencies and make use of blockchain technology.

BNY Mellon, America’s oldest bank, has set up a digital innovation center in Dublin, Ireland, according to a May 30 report from the Business Portal site .

The new cryptocurrency unit behind which the bank stands will provide custody services for different types of different assets.

Bank “BNY Mellon” announced its entry into digital currencies in February, ahead of competitors such as “Citi” and “JPMorgan”, which was previously discussed in an article entitled:

He told the bank that it would allow its customers to hold and trade the digital currencies in 2021, but did not specify when exactly the new service would be launched.

In March, the bank also revealed its strategic investment in “Fireblocks” to start cryptocurrency transactions.

The world’s oldest bank, which manages assets worth an estimated $ 41 trillion, founded its presence in Ireland in 1994.

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