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An introduction to LYDSFUTURES and a presentation of its most important projects



It is a modern Arab investment company that started in 2020, which works in the field of trading and speculation in digital currencies, controlled by experienced speculators working on digital currencies in several global platforms.

After we worked for more than a year and a half in the field of speculating on digital currencies, we reached a total investment that exceeded the 6,000,000 dollar barrier without any publicity for us or even having our own website.

We decided to put a special introduction about our projects and the most important features and what is new in our investment work.

 Investment site LYDSFUTURES.IO

After working for more than a year and a half in the field of digital currencies and delivering profits to the beneficiaries on a daily basis throughout that period without any problems or delays,

LYDSFUTURES management decided to launch our investment site in order to make the investment process easier than before, as in a few minutes you can To open an account on our investment site,

deposit it, choose your investment plan and confirm it within minutes, unlike in the past, it took a little more time because we were working manually as we explained above, and this is what LYDSFUTURES seeks to make the investment process faster, easier, simpler and uncomplicated for me investor.

LYDF digital currency

One of our most important projects is our decentralized digital currency, as this currency is built on the Ethereum network |ETHEREUM-DEFI|

It will be linked to all our existing projects, which will be established in the near future

The total number of the digital currency (LYDF) will be 100,000,000 coins, and it is expected that its price will rise after its descent to the trading platforms in a short period.

Our digital currency will be available on many cryptocurrency trading platforms and will be available on the remittance site, which is under construction now to be available to everyone.

Are there other projects for us or not?

In fact, we have many projects that are currently under construction, which will also be directly and indirectly linked to our digital currency.

Among these projects is a site for money transfers, that is, through this site, you can transfer between digital currencies and other electronic banks and vice versa. We aspire to have all means of payment and withdrawal, whether global or local at the level of the Arab world.

Also, soon, God willing, there will be a digital currency trading platform for digital currencies and our own currency (LYDF), and there will even be an electronic wallet for LYDSFUTURES that can receive and send all digital currencies and also our currency (LYDF).

There is also a special project we have, which is a global online store that will be linked to our digital currency (LYDF), and we will provide you with its details at a later time.

We also have a project that we hope to finish as soon as it is already under construction. The project is the largest Arab educational platform for blockchain technology and the basics of trading and speculating on digital currencies and learning how to manage capital and get out with the highest profit .

Do we have any other projects other than that?

Indeed, we have plans to establish other projects in the future, and there will also be projects on the ground

Wait for us because the next is better than the past

Soon the number one in the Middle East officially🔥.

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