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Apple is looking for a business development manager who has experience in cryptocurrency


In many cases, the next step for a company is inferred through either internal leaks or by looking at the jobs that the company is requesting, as the latter shows the direction and interest of the company and a prediction of its next move.

Recently, Apple offered a recent job offer, in which the company is looking for a manager to develop a business and research alternative digital payments, with experience in many areas, including cryptocurrencies.

The key qualifications require at least five years of experience working in an alternative payment provider, such as digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Candidates will be responsible for developing the overall business and launching new programs related to “FinTech” digital economy products.

Apple is looking for experts in fintech:

The aforementioned job posting was posted Wednesday by the WPC team (Apple Wallets, Payments, and Trade), as the job ad is looking for professionals for emerging and alternative payment solutions.

The post captured the interest of the cryptocurrency community, which is now eager to see how it will end up with Apple and the crypto market, given that Apple Pay is one of the largest payment processors with a growing user base of more than 65 million people.

If cryptocurrencies are implemented and integrated into the “Apple Pay” service, that may push the average person to try cryptocurrencies via “Apple” devices, wallets and credit cards.

Apple’s entry into the crypto scene:

Apple used to make fun of the crypto space.

But it is possible that their attitude will change, as has the attitude of many large financial companies towards crypto.

Currently, Apple Pay users can purchase ADA Cardano directly thanks to the successful integration and service provided by Simplex.

Apple did not explain what its plan was with cryptocurrencies at all.

Most of the payment giants who have adopted cryptocurrencies convert cryptocurrencies into legal fiat currencies to allow payments to dealers across the world, such as PayPal, the latter recently announcing impressive performance due to cryptocurrencies.

However, Apple said that emerging financial technologies could reshape the way people live because new ideas have a way to become extraordinary products, services and customer experiences that people would not have imagined before, and now they cannot imagine living without them.

After the technology and financial giants shed light on cryptocurrencies, speculations about what Apple intends to do with the cryptocurrencies were discussed by the cryptocurrency community, each according to his point of view, until Apple approves its next step.

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