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Billionaire “Mark Cuban”: I am a supporter of “Dogecoin” and I do not seek to get rid of it


Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball club, announced that fans of the NBA team will soon be able to buy merchandise at discounts if they use the digital currency “Dogecoin” as a payment method.

He also argued that he is not trying to get rid of Dogecoin.

Basketball club “Dallas Mavericks” supports the digital currency “Dogecoin”:

The story between the NBA team and Dogecoin – the latter born in 2013 – began in March of this year.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, club owner and longtime cryptocurrency supporter, has indicated that fans will be able to buy tickets and merchandise with DOGE.

Soon, the billionaire explained the success of the campaign as fans apparently preferred to use Dogecoin for payments.

Additionally, Mark Cuban pledged that he would not sell any of his DOGE.

Cuban doubled down on its support for the meme coin earlier this week after highlighting plans to allow all fans who pay with digital currency “DOGE” to take advantage of special prices to sell summer goods.

He justified his decision by saying:

It is a means that can be used to purchase goods and services.

The DOGE community is the strongest when it comes to its use of currency as a medium of exchange.

Through comments and similar initiatives by Mark Cuban and his team, he has faced some scrutiny from the always bustling crypto community.

Some have speculated that the billionaire is trying to get rid of the cryptocurrency “DOGE”.

However, Cuban argued that this is not his goal.

Quite the contrary, Cuban shows support for Dogecoin because fans tend to use it instead of more common options like Bitcoin. As such, Cuban indicated that DOGE is the most popular way for people to pay in club store.

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