$ 53,162
$ 3,958.4
$ 1.0000

Bitcoin is on the verge of $ 65,000 and alternative digital currencies are strongly present


It took a month in particular, for Bitcoin to finally breach its all-time high yesterday.

The coin has not since looked back.

On the other hand, the dominance of Bitcoin continued to decline, as most digital currencies rose further, as Ethereum touched $ 2,400 and Ripple XRP closed near $ 2.

Bitcoin on the verge of $ 65,000:

It appears that the major cryptocurrency has been stuck under $ 60,000 for a while.

Most of the hacking attempts over it were met with a violent refusal to pay its price south

But the situation has changed in the past few days as Bitcoin has finally regained its momentum.

After standing above the $ 60,000 level for a day or two, the cryptocurrency community has speculated when the next stage will arrive, with the currency moving to new highs above $ 61,800.

Which actually happened yesterday, when Bitcoin finally broke the previous record ($ 61,800), which took almost a month for Bitcoin to break.

Bitcoin rose above the previous record and continued to head north.

The cryptocurrency set a new record at more than $ 64,758 in the past few hours but it did not stop there.

Just a few hours ago, Bitcoin reached its latest all-time high of $ 65,000 (on the “Bitstamp” trading platform).

Of course, this amazing performance affected the market value of Bitcoin, which set its own record of more than $ 1.2 trillion.

However, the dominance of Bitcoin in the market fell to 53.4% ​​as the altcoins became tighter on the green.

Ethereum is about $ 2,400, XRP to $ 2, and the Dogecoin exceeds $ 0.10:

As mentioned above, most altcoins are dominated by green.

Ethereum is leading the alternative cryptocurrency scene in terms of total market cap, the ETH coin has risen 10.25% in the last 24 hours, and is slowly getting close to breaking the earlier peak of $ 2,400.

Ripple is up more than 17% and is also close to a record high of $ 2, a new 3-year high.

The ADA digital currency is also setting a new record, after increasing by 15%, bringing its value to more than $ 1.5.

The currency that outperforms the weekly performance of all other digital currencies is the DOGE coin, which is currently valued at $ 0.14, which is a new record.

Rises in most digital currencies brought the total market value of the crypto market to a new record high of $ 2.259 trillion.

With this new record level, it can be said that the market value of cryptocurrencies exceeded the market value of the most valuable company in the world – Apple.

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