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Bitcoin returns to the level of 62 thousand dollars and the total value of the market regains 100 billion dollars


After yesterday morning’s sudden fall in which Bitcoin risked falling to the level of $ 60,000, the currency rebounded today and regained nearly $ 2,000 in value.

Most altcoins have also recovered some of their value, and some have recovered more than others.

Regardless of the “DOGE” digital currency, which is the best performer in the last 24 hours, the value of Bitcoin Cash has risen by 25% and the currency has finally returned to the top ten.

Bitcoin recovers $ 62,000:

After the most recent $ 65,000 ever high earlier this week, the base cryptocurrency has reversed its price trajectory.

The value of Bitcoin began to gradually decline, reaching the level of $ 60,000 yesterday, after news reports emerged that Turkey will implement a ban that prevents the use of digital currencies as a means of payment.

Bitcoin hit the news and is down over $ 4,000 in hours.

This resulted in a daily drop of just over $ 60,000 (on the Bitstamp trading platform).

But the bulls regained control and did not allow the price to collapse below the required level.

The Bitcoin price has reversed and the currency has jumped around $ 2,000 since then, with the currency currently standing above $ 62,000.

Technical indicators indicate that the barriers to first resistance to Bitcoin are $ 62,500, $ 63,766 and $ 65,000, which is the record the currency has reached.

In contrast, Bitcoin could count on the support levels of $ 61,780 and $ 60,000 should another correction and rebound arrive.

Alternative currencies and Bitcoin Cash start to recover in the top 10 list:

Most altcoins imitated Bitcoin’s performance yesterday, with some sharp drops.

But, like their leader, they are doing well today.

Ethereum fell more than $ 150 yesterday but jumped more than 3% and approached an all-time high of $ 2,500.

BNB, which went through its 15th quarterly burn yesterday, is down below $ 530.

Today, however, it has relatively recovered and is currently trading above $ 540.

The “Dogecoin” coin continues its impressive performance and is trading above $ 0.3 now, as this joke coin reached a new all-time high of over $ 0.4 yesterday.

Bitcoin Cash is the best performer in the last 24 hours with a massive 30% rise.

Bitcoin Cash, BCH, re-entered the top ten at $ 1,175.

The recovery of the value of most cryptocurrencies, the total market value of the cryptocurrency market also recovered and recovered more than $ 100 billion, as the total value of the crypto market is currently estimated at $ 2.27 trillion.

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