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Bitcoin Rise Above $40K, Crypto Market Cap Approaching $1.7 Trillion


After a few days of trading below the $40,000 level, Bitcoin has started to rise and is trading above it.

Currently the majority of cryptocurrencies are in the green, with the UNI cryptocurrency up more than 9% in the last 24 hours.

Cryptocurrencies as a whole have added more than $100 billion to their total market capitalization since yesterday’s low.

Bitcoin regains the level of 40 thousand dollars:

The start of the week was not good for the big cryptocurrencies, which were gradually declining and their price was falling.

Bitcoin dropped to $37,200 yesterday, August 5, which is now a weekly low.

But since then the situation has changed, with the Bitcoin index turning green and the currency recording a 6% gain in the last 24 hours.

The biggest cryptocurrency exploded, broke the $40,000 level, and rose to $40,400.

After adding more than $4,000 in value in a few hours, Bitcoin has bounced slightly and is currently oscillating at the $40,500 level.

However, Bitcoin is still up more than 5% on the day, and its market capitalization has risen to over $760 billion.

Ethereum approaching $2800:

As mentioned above, the index of most altcoins has gone green in the last 24 hours, led by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum has completed a long-awaited upgrade that will allow the number of Ethereum to be reduced by burning a portion of the fee rather than giving it to miners.

Before the update, the Ethereum coin was trading at $2,500, after which the price of the coin jumped, and it is currently trading at $2,750.

The price of Ethereum on some trading platforms reached the level of 2850 dollars.

The digital currency “THETA” achieved its largest rise among the top 100 digital currencies with an increase of 18%, bringing the percentage back to 10% at the time of the article’s publication.

Overall, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has increased by nearly $100 billion since yesterday’s low, reaching nearly $1.7 trillion.

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