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Broadcasting the anticipated episode of “SNL” starring “Elon Musk” and the rapid impact of “Dogecoin”


After a great media momentum before broadcasting the awaited episode of the “SNL” program starring “Elon Musk” and waiting for Dogecoin holders to make a “positive statement” about it or make a promise, which would make the coin jump high, but the effect was reversed.

“Elon Musk” is neither an actor nor a comedian, but he is entertaining, especially with the way his words accompany his body movements, and he also has a lot to say about space exploration and the development of electric cars.

Elon Musk is on “SNL” as a public figure / performer.

But nobody cares about any of that.

They just wanted to know: Will he use the ring to pump out “Dogecoin”?

It appears that Musk initially left that to his mother.

Musk made no secret of his association with “Dogecoin”, and brought his mother on stage to attend his inaugural monologue.

Mask’s mother told her son that she hoped the Mother’s Day gift would not be “Dogecoin”.

Musk said it would be, to her dismay.

It may not be of value at the time you get it.

The price of “Dogecoin” began to decline immediately after this monologue between “Mask” and his mother, as he showed a red candle and the coin fell from $ 0.66 to $ 0.52 within an hour.

Later in the episode, the hosts asked “Colin Ghost” and “Michael Chi” about the character Musk repeatedly plays about “Dogecoin.”

To “mask” answers:

It is the bustle.

The digital currency “Dogecoin” appeared in 2013 as a joke and as a fun way to tip and donate to cool projects.

However, its returns were very exciting.

After maintaining a steady value of less than a cent for most of its existence, the digital currency “Dogecoin” has risen by more than 6,800% since the start of the year.

It is now the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, at $ 63.9 billion.

Elon Musk played a role.

As Musk’s tweets about “Dogecoin” tend to move the market up, there is no doubt that the public views him as a successful businessman for overseeing Tesla’s electric car company.

Although Musk emphasized that his tweets are just jokes and recently indicated that people should invest with caution.

The CEO of “Tesla” is not the only one optimistic about “DOGE”.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban, whose club “Dallas Mavericks” accepts the use of Dogecoin in payments, has told him that he expects Dogecoin to reach the $ 1 mark for the first time.

And “Cuban” said at the “Etheral” summit on Thursday:

DOGE is becoming more useful as a currency.

You can go to the Mavericks store and you can spend it

We sell a lot more with DOGECOIN than we sell in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

After the end of the “SNL” episode, the currency was not affected by the effect that its holders had dreamed of. On the contrary, it decreased by more than 30% in a short period. We mentioned in a previous article that the coin was heavily pumped and awaits a dangerous dump.

It is worth noting and as a note that it must be taken into account that the digital currency “DOGECOIN” did not grow and rise naturally, which means that it was pumped to reach what it has reached, meaning that the pumping of the richest man in the world is the one who brought it to its current value and not its project and strength, and it is known that behind every pumping Discharging comes, as caution and caution are required with regard to this currency.

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