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Cardano ADA faces a new wave of potential investors after adding it to the “Bloomberg” platform


Cardano ADA has been added to the “Bloomberg Terminal” (digital currency definition, not full price data), a platform used by professional traders.

Adding ADA Cardano to the Bloomberg platform could expose the currency to a new wave of potential investors.

Bloomberg added detailed information about the Cardano project and the ADA digital currency.

On Sunday, Bloomberg published an article about the recent meteoric rise in the price of the ADA digital currency, but by Monday, the ADA was following the downward trend of the cryptocurrency market, dropping nearly 7% in the last 7 days.

Since the beginning of 2021, the ADA digital currency has witnessed high levels of growth, as it opened the year at 18 cents, but now it stands above $ 1, exactly at $ 1.04.

The ADA digital currency is ranked fifth in terms of market value among all cryptocurrencies, according to “coingecko”, with a market value of $ 33 billion.

Last week, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz asked his Twitter followers if any of them could provide a glimpse and introduction to the ADA, where he asked them what it means:

Can anyone build on it?

Why is its market value so high?

Should it be a financing asset?

ADA is one of the few cryptocurrencies that I have never traded in my life.

What’s next for Cardano?

Cardano is in the midst of a phased upgrade.

The Cardano Road Map was organized into five eras, namely:

Byron, Shelley, Gauguin, Basho and Voltaire.

The Googoin phase, which aims to give Cardano users the opportunity to create and implement smart contracts on the Cardano network itself, is expected to begin in the next few months.

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