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Could Bitcoin disappear?


With the decline of the largest digital currency, the number one currency in the world, Bitcoin, to levels near the $ 30,000 mark, which is close to its lowest levels in 2021, and coincided with the loss of Bitcoin to nearly 50% of its market value after climbing to the peak of $ 65,000 in mid-April. Voices about grabbing the hegemony.

From the back-to-back altcoins to the larger altcoins Ethereum that have become fanatics of cryptocurrency bulls. It seems that this has become a hidden desire for some, to seize one of those currencies the status of Bitcoin, which some believe that the opportunity to invest in it has passed after record highs.

But one of the cryptocurrency bulls and one of the most prominent influencers thinks otherwise.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, one of the most prominent bitcoin investors and buyers, had a different vision for the future of Bitcoin.

When Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple launched in 2010, they were unrivaled.

This is how Saylor, who mediated between Elon Musk and the miners in North America a few days ago, to calm the situation on the mining capacity. MicroStrategy CEO says you could have expected Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple to succeed by 2010 because they have already dominated the markets.

And Saylor adds during an interview with CNN, there is no historical precedent for a network that has reached hundreds of billions of dollars, and has succeeded in multiplying its value more than 50 times and may fail a day.

Bitcoin today is more dominant than any of those companies when it first started, says Saylor. In the interview, Silo says, there was no entity in history that grew as large as Bitcoin and failed, Bitcoin is more dominant today than some of the world’s largest technology companies were before it rose to the fore.

Saylor also believes that Bitcoin’s underlying technology and architecture gives it an incomparable edge over any other digital currency or financial product.

“If you want a long-term asset that will last for a hundred years, you need to completely decentralize it, so the Bitcoin architecture guarantees that.

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