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Will “Apple” follow “Tesla” in Bitcoin purchases?


A lot of feelings have changed towards Bitcoin. In the past, many financial and investment institutions used to see Bitcoin as a risky asset and must stay away from it and warn on many occasions about it and its effects.

Today, many of these organizations have joined the ranks of the Bitcoin supporter.

Micro Strategy started the wave of Bitcoin adoption, followed by many big names such as “Square”, “Paypal”, and yesterday, “Tesla”.

In the past few hours, many rumors have emerged about the preparation of “Apple” to enter and adopt Bitcoin.

Should Apple keep up with the tide and buy Bitcoin as well?

According to the source, “RBC Capital Markets” indicated that “Apple” is obligated to create a platform to exchange bitcoin and get some bitcoin.

As part of the memorandum addressed by “RBC Capital Markets” to investors, such an investment step would be smarter than entering the electric car market, and she added, explaining:

The cryptocurrency wallet initiative appears to represent a clear, multi-billion dollar opportunity for the company.

Earlier this year, many rumors surfaced that “Apple” is planning to enter the electric car market, as the electric car sector is an emerging sector that has met with the approval of users and is witnessing an unrivaled boom.

According to the same rumors, “Hyundai” and “Kia” refused to announce any negotiations between them and Apple.

The RBC Capital Markets statement came on the heels of the report that the electric car giant Tesla has invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin with plans to accept bitcoin payments for its products.

This news sent Bitcoin’s price to high levels, as it broke all records set earlier.

Bitcoin price reached a new record this morning at $ 48,142 on the Binance platform.

We talked in previous news on Arab Bitcoin that spending on bitcoin by Tesla reached about 15% of its net cash holdings.

According to the report issued by “RBC Capital Markets”, “Apple”, and in the event that it decides to enter Bitcoin, will not face little difficulty in securing a large share in the market due to its track record in the field of technology.

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