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Cryptocurrency trading volume exceeds $ 1 trillion for the second month in a row in March


Cryptocurrency trading volumes exceeded $ 1 trillion last March, the second month in a row that the volume reached thirteen numbers.

According to the data collected by “The Block”, spot trading volume for the month of March was $ 1.17 trillion.

This is a 5% drop from the record volume and an all-time high in February of $ 1.23 trillion.

An analysis of cryptocurrency trading volume in March shows that 65% of it came from Binance, 18% from the Huobi platform, and 15% from OKEx.

The total volume of traditional fiat currencies for the month of March was $ 406.51 billion.

The three largest platforms that support trading cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies are:

  • The “Coinbase” platform, with 22% of the trading volume.
  • Upbit – 21%.
  • Kraken platform – 11%.

The significant increase in the activity and volume of cryptocurrency trading in the past two months (February, March) is due to the rise of Bitcoin and most of the alternative digital currencies to record levels.

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