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Despite the correction … Ethereum gas fees reach a new record


The Ethereum fee craze continues despite the Ethereum price correction by more than 22%.

The total daily fee for Ethereum over the course of 24 hours has reached a level close to $ 50 million.

According to “”, the daily fees generated by Ethereum gas amounted to $ 49.55 million.

While the daily bitcoin fee has reached $ 8.9 million.

The two largest Ethereum-based decentralized platforms, “Uniswap” and “SushiSwap,” were ranked third and fourth on the fee list with $ 5.3 million and $ 3.7 million, respectively.

The fees for transfers from the Binance platform to foreign wallets reached more than $ 50:

Ethereum upgrade will reduce fees:

The Ethereum “EIP-1559” upgrade will ease the gas price frenzy.

Although the two metals Ethereum are not very happy with this update, it is expected that it will be launched in July.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, suggested that the move to a proof-of-stakes mechanism would happen faster if miners decide to threaten the network.

Gas Price Frenzy – $ 37K Transaction:

The average gas price is currently $ 38, according to, an increase of more than 1,000 percent since the start of 2021.

Fees vary for basic ERC-20 transactions, Uniswap procedures, and complex smart contract transactions that can cost hundreds of dollars.

Etherscan estimates $ 18 for a base transaction, $ 47 for a swap on Uniswap, and up to $ 70 to add or remove cash from a pool.

A user of decentralized financing DeFi was shocked when he transferred a certain amount of $ 37,000, or nearly 25 ETH, when he accidentally entered the price of gwei gas for the Uniswap transaction twice.

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