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El Salvador begins implementing a Bitcoin mining plan based on volcanic energy


El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, gave another glimpse into his country’s volcanic-powered Bitcoin project, which is currently still in the early stages of development.

The video, submitted by the president of El Salvador, initially shows an aerial view of a geothermal facility, then goes into depth to show cargo trucks before the mining rigs finally appear with the miner working on them tuning and preparing them.

The government of the tropical country aims to harness the huge amount of energy produced by volcanoes in order to mine the largest digital currency.

As we noted , the President of El Salvador intends to exploit volcanic energy in Bitcoin mining operations, as he revealed this ambitious project on Twitter last June.

The idea was initially suggested to the bitcoin-loving president during a Twitter conversation, after the president of El Salvador announced his country’s intention to legalize bitcoin on September 7, which is exactly what happened.

Recently, the President of El Salvador indicated that users of the Bitcoin wallet provided by the government have reached a third of the total population and soon this number will surpass all users of local banks in El Salvador.

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