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“Elon Musk” wants the “Coinbase” platform to include the digital currency, “Dogecoin”! Will it respond?


Yesterday a Twitter user asked a question that caught the attention of the CEO of Tesla:

Do you think that the Coinbase platform should include the digital currency “Dogecoin” in its platform?

Elon Musk answered with one word:


Elon Musk is no stranger to cryptocurrencies.

In early February, a file from the US Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that Tesla had bought $ 1.5 billion of Bitcoin.

Before that, “Elon” was promoting the digital currency “DOGE” repeatedly, which caused an increase in the price of the currency by nearly 40% within half an hour of publishing the tweet, but the performance of the currency became not affected as much as it was by “Mask” tweets. .

Elon Musk is not alone in optimistic about the “DOGE” digital currency.

There are even many celebrities who do as well.

Earlier this year, the rapper “Lil Yakti” announced that he had invested a third of his savings in the “DOGE” digital currency.

The following month, musician “Jane Simmons” and hip-hop singer “Snoop Dogg” joined the backers of the digital currency “DOGE”.

Some data recently revealed that Dogecoin is more popular than Bitcoin on Twitter.

The media momentum about the digital currency “DOGE” pushed its price from $ 0.0078 to $ 0.074 by February 8th, then the currency’s price declined to $ 0.061 at the time of preparing this article.

Will Coinbase respond and include the Dogecoin digital currency?

Coinbase has always been slow to introduce new digital currencies to trade on its platform.

Meanwhile, the “Binance” platform, the Asian competitor to the “Coinbase” platform, focuses on adding the largest possible number of digital currencies.

Whereas, “Coinbase” is listing fewer numbers and with careful consideration, through which it aims to satisfy the organizers on its soil (United States of America).

As no returns were seen that might come from the listing of the digital currency that started as a joke, executives at Coinbase quickly forgot their plans to enable DOGE trading on the platform.

The “Coinbase” platform began adding more digital currencies starting in 2018, but it has never come close to the digital currency “Dogecoin”.

What can be said is that CoinBase lost billions for not hosting Dogecoin.

But due to the volatility of the digital currency, Coinbase may have just protected its reputation by seeing itself as the white knight of cryptocurrencies.

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