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Find out about a new phishing trick targeting “MetaMask” wallet users!


Recently, MetaMask wallet warned users of a new scam targeting them.

The new scam referred to by “MetaMask” is based on the online technical support ploy by targeting users and asking them to enter their initials into a form on Google Docs.

The warning came on the official Twitter account of “MetaMask” as indicated above.

The MetaMask portfolio has denied the existence of any support tools it provides that are based on Google Docs.

The wallet also told users that the safest way to get help is by using the official “MetaMask” support system link.

Meaning, the link can only be found in the “Get Help” option within the “MetaMask” app.

In addition, users can report phishing in the wallet app.

Fraud victims fake support for “MetaMask”:

At least one user appears to have been successfully scammed by the fake support form we touched on above.

The user responded to the “MetaMask” warning tweet about the fraud, saying:

Unfortunately, is there a way to recover the initial phrase and prevent cryptocurrency from being stolen?

By acting as a browser add-on, “MetaMask” has easily become one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets on the market.

The wallet developer ConsenSys reported in late April that MetaMask had accumulated more than 5 million monthly active users.

However, due to the growing popularity of the app, the number of scams trying to imitate the wallet and steal users’ money has also increased.

As the wallet has become a target for various types of phishing scams.

Therefore, constant caution, caution and awareness are the weapons that the crypto market user always has to arm themselves with.

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