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Google Allows Cryptocurrency Ads Again


According to the latest cryptocurrency news, Google has announced that it will allow cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency ads.

With the entry of the new policy of the company into google implementation, under its policy will allow google to advertisers who provide encrypted currency exchange and portfolio services to market their products again.

Google allowed cryptocurrency ads to be shown again after the updated Financial Products and Services Policy took full effect on August 3.

Earlier, the giant had banned multinational and ICO-related ads in June 2018.

But now an updated policy allows regulated crypto platforms to market their services again.

However, recent ICOs have been excluded.

It’s worth noting that a review of Google’s digital advertising policy was set for the first time in June.

Where the new policy states that it is allowed for those who wish to advertise their services and products.

Google also allows customers with cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets targeting consumers in the United States to do so provided they meet specific requirements.

This recent move will provide additional sales to Google subsidiary Alphabet.

Because these digital ads will most likely be no more than a drop in the company’s $147 billion ocean of advertising revenue.

It is worth noting that Google’s stringent requirements are designed to get rid of suspicious ads and large scams associated with cryptocurrency.

google ads terms

Those wishing to advertise must register with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency (FinCEN).

FinCEN is a financial services company located in at least one state that acts as a money transfer agency, federal bank entity or state debtor.

The new company policy will not allow ads for ICOs, DeFi trading protocols, or even promotions to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies.

The updated Google policy has prevented digital ads from linking to websites that host cryptocurrency trading recommendations or cryptocurrency investment advice.

It also blocks ads for aggregators or affiliate sites that contain relevant content or reviews of brokers.

Last month, TikTok announced that it was blocking promotional content for cryptocurrency, as part of a move to stop advertising all financial services and products on the platform.

Commenting on the above, analysts at the Bitcoin subreddit have suggested that this news could benefit Bitcoin once again through Google.

This comes as a bullish sign for cryptocurrencies in general and for Bitcoin in particular.

One user also demanded that Google should ban crypto fake news as well because the amount of fake news creating FUD is incredibly large.

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