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Hackers infiltrate software company and demand $70 million in Bitcoin as ransom


The hacker gang behind REvil ransomware is demanding $70 million worth of bitcoin in exchange for providing a global decryption tool to more than a million infected systems.

As the US Independence Day weekend approaches, thousands of companies around the world have been affected by the attack on software company Kaseya.

The hackers were able to infect a large number of VSA servers, which are used to remotely manage computers, after exploiting a critical vulnerability.

The “REvil” gang initially asked most victims to pay $45,000 in Monero, but has since worked out the new deal.

A series of ransomware attacks:

The Kaseya incident has already shed light on cryptocurrencies, with Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell urging the need to consider the role of cryptocurrencies in hacking.

US President Joe Biden had already launched a federal investigation into the attack before the demands of the “REvil” gang emerged.

The alleged Russian gang made headlines last month by hijacking the systems of GPS, the world’s largest meat supplier and also the largest supplier of US beef.

The company ended up paying a ransom of $11 million.

The FBI is currently working with the “Kaseya” company to investigate the attack.

Last month, the federal agency succeeded in recovering a large portion of the bitcoin ransom paid to the DarkSide hacker group that attacked the Colonial Pipeline.

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