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In this way, the image of “Doge NFT” was offered for sale for a value of 300 million dollars


The NFT craze continues, offering exorbitant amounts of money for images that may not even be pretty, but the desire for ownership and pride, as well as other reasons we may not know, are all reasons why these icons stand out.

Recently, the image of a dog “Shiba Inu” was offered for sale, which turned into the logo of the digital currency “Dogecoin”, in the form of NFT, knowing that the image was sold for 4 million dollars in June 2021.

The bid for the Doge NFT image was $300 million
The bid for the Doge NFT image was $300 million

Earlier this week, the party that bought this image, a crowdfunding group called PleasrDAO, split this NFT image into billions of small individual tokens.

The idea was to allow others to purchase a chip and piece and take partial ownership of this artwork on their own.

The auction, which began on Wednesday, has raised a total of 11,942 wrapped Ethereum (worth more than $45 million at today’s prices) from 1,796 buyers, according to figures from MISO, the platform where the auction was held.

This means that 20% of these 16,969,696,969 DOGs have been sold, and now the remaining 3.3 billion coins can be purchased from the decentralized exchanges SushiSwap and Uniswap.

At its current price, the entire NFT is now valued at $302 million, according to the Fractional platform .

Who buys these little pieces of art?

James Johnson, chief executive officer of PleasrDAO, answered this question:

The Doge NFT community includes some of the top leaders in DeFi, early NFT collectors and digital artists, as well as all members of PleasrDAO.

NFT is a hot craze right now in the crypto world.

Billions of dollars are poured into token artwork, audio clips, video clips, and even chatbots.

In the first quarter of this year, $1.5 billion worth of NFT was sold.

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