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Japanese company SBI opens its bitcoin mining complex to the public …


SBI Crypto, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese company SBI Holdings, has opened its bitcoin mining complex to the public.

The move means that organizations and individuals looking to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can join a bitcoin mining pool service called “SBI Crypto Pool”.

SBI Crypto has been working on self-mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV since August 2017.

SBI Crypto’s Bitcoin Mining Pool is currently ranked 11th and has a hash rate of 2.44 Hash per second (EH / s).

SBI Crypto said that a part of its group service has been developed with its partner, Northern Data AG, to complement its data center management services.

SBI entered into a partnership with Northern Data last July to become a strategic shareholder in it.

The “SBI” bitcoin mining pool appears to be the second known group to open to the public after the “Foundry” pool.

After months of running the complex in private beta mode, “Foundry” last week opened its service to the public.

Bitcoin miners have generated millions of dollars in revenue due to the recent rally of the cryptocurrency.

According to data collected by “The Block”, Bitcoin miners achieved high revenues and reached an all-time record of $ 1.36 billion in February.

While during this month to date, revenues have reached nearly one billion dollars.

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