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Learn about the Bitcoin support feature that Twitter has launched for its users!


Twitter, the favorite social network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, has announced that it will allow its users to send bitcoins to any account.

The announced feature from Twitter is part of a larger initiative, as the company is expanding its support for various payment tools of all kinds, including “Patreon”, “Cash App”, “Venmo”, “Razorpay”, “GoFundMe” and “PicPay”. With some additional options such as support for purchase and payment via QR code.

Twitter embraces Bitcoin:

In an article titled “ Bringing Tips to Everyone ,” Esther Crawford, Product Manager at Twitter, explained that cryptocurrencies are in line with Twitter’s philosophy, stating:

We want everyone on Twitter to have access to an easy way to get paid.

Cryptocurrencies encourage more people to participate in the economy and help people send money to each other across borders with as little action as possible.

The aforementioned article explains that Bitcoin payments will happen on the Lightning Network thanks to the partnership with Strike.

The “Lightning Network” is an experimental Layer 2 solution aimed at increasing the scalability of Bitcoin that allows instant transactions at the lowest cost.

Although this is the first time that Twitter has introduced support for Bitcoin micropayments, the truth is that Twitter users have already gone through this experience.

Currently, Bitcoin payments are only available for iOS users.

User Crawford said on Twitter that this new feature will also be present on Android devices in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin fanatics:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is known to be one of the staunch Bitcoin fanatics.

On numerous occasions, he mentioned that Bitcoin could become the internet currency while ignoring other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Cardano.

Given the scale of Twitter, this could be the first step towards the global adoption that the crypto community has always dreamed of.

It seems that things won’t stop when Twitter supports Bitcoin payments. According to Mashable, Twitter developers are exploring the use of NFT within the platform as a decentralized form of identity protection.

Twitter has not explained exactly which product its development team was expecting to release, nor which blockchain would be chosen to mint the NFT, however once the service goes live, it will be clear to the world that Twitter supports the crypto and blockchain arena.

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