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Learn about the digital currency that has surpassed Bitcoin in terms of popularity in the United States of America


Bitcoin despite being the largest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world, it lost its popular position in the United States last week.

Instead, first place went to a project supporting non-exchangeable digital tokens called “Ethernity Chain”. The price of the “ERN” digital currency has increased more than 20 times since early March.

Ethernity ranks first in the United States:

The site “CoinGecko” ranked the ten most important cryptocurrencies in the United States from March 20 to March 26, and the ranking contained some surprises.

For example, the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency ranked third in the “CoinGecko” ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the United States of America last week.

In second place is the “Ecomi” project solution, and more surprisingly is the “Ethernity Chain” project, which is a blockchain that enables users to take advantage of the skyrocketing height of NFTs.

With Ethernity Chain, unique digital artworks can be created, which are coded and traded on the blockchain.

The project has already received several prominent names.

Among the early adopters of the project was Tony Hawk, a skateboard legend known for his record-setting career.

He announced on his Twitter account his plans to present a video of what he described as his latest 540-degree trick on a half-tube.

The “Ethernity Chain” project also worked with artist “BossLogic” and according to the “Ethernity” statement there is an intention to launch several NFTs related to the late boxing giant Muhammad Ali, and more specifically, NFT will focus on the famous 1971 “Battle of the Century” against ” Joe Frazier ”.

All this caused the increase in popularity of the blockchain project “Ethernity”, which made it the first in terms of the most popular digital currencies in the United States of America from March 20-26.

The rise in the digital currency ERN by 20 times:

The digital currency, ERN, was affected by the smooth handling of the “Ethernity” project, and the value of the cryptocurrency increased by more than 20 times in less than a month.

The digital currency ERN launched on March 8 with a price of $ 0.275.

Shortly after the end of “IDO” on “Polkastarter”, “ERN” began trading at around $ 3.50.

It only took five days for 10x to $ 33.

After that, ERN continued to head north and reached a new all-time high earlier yesterday at around $ 74, according to CoinGecko.

This brings the currency’s appreciation of close to 2,000% in the 20 days since it began trading in the decentralized trading platforms and 26,000% of the listing price.

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