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Learn the story of a college student who became a millionaire due to the digital currency XRP


What we will list in this article is among what excites and motivates many users of the crypto market, and makes them patient to stay long hours in front of the screens to monitor prices and analyzes, and also patience with burning, red eyes, neck and back pain.

From time to time, a story emerges of the transformation of an ordinary, sometimes poor, rich and millionaire thanks to cryptocurrencies.

“Daniel Maygard” is the hero of our article who adopted the cryptocurrency early on, as he became a millionaire due to his timely bet on the digital currency XRP, according to “The Hustle”.

Now, Maygard has revealed that it is investing heavily in non-exchangeable tokens, “NFT,” which he also entered early on.

Whereas, “Maygard” made several purchases of “NFT” digital non-exchangeable tokens.

Maygard currently owns $ 12 million worth of NFT.

According to what “Mayguard” stated, he is not hasty and does not intend to spend what he possesses, as he recently rejected an offer of 4.2 million dollars to sell him the artwork “CryptoPunk # 8348”:

Maigard is convinced that cryptocurrencies and NFTs are here to stay, stating:

I want to maximize my earnings.

May everything go to 0 tomorrow.

But I believe cryptocurrencies and NFT are here to stay.

And I’m willing to bet for a chance to level up.

A story from poverty to affluence:

“Maygard” was a poor student studying psychology, the psychology of your interlocutor who hopes to get rich as well

He was trying to make ends meet by working at a gas station, but one of the “BBC” articles about Bitcoin proved that it changed his life.

After diving deep into cryptocurrencies, he decided to put all his money ($ 4,000) into Bitcoin when the cryptocurrency was trading for around $ 150 in 2013.

It has been lucky enough to enter cryptocurrency in the middle of its first major rally.

When it began cashing in its gains at the end of 2013, Maegard took a left turn by betting on the early XRP digital currency, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, which was trading at less than $ 0.005.

That bet turned him into a millionaire by 2017 when XRP digital currency reached the $ 3 level.

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