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Lionel Messi’s signing deal with PSG includes crypto and NFT payments


If you live on the planet, you must have heard of the transfer of “Lionel Messi”, the legendary footballer, and the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, from Barcelona Football Club to Paris Saint-Germain after 26 years.

The reported deal for the two-year contract between Messi and Paris Saint-Germain is worth $41 million annual salary with bonuses.

Here the news is purely sports…

According to a recent internal news from a journalist in Bloomberg, the player “Messi” may receive cryptocurrencies for football fans or non-fungible tokens (NFT) as part of his payments.

Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain came as a huge shock and break for Barcelona fans, especially after indicating his desire to stay at the club.

The transfer was controversial with reports indicating that the move began after the club was unable to agree to a contract renewal deal due to its debts.

The transfer of Messi from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain made the value of the PSG digital currency destined for fans rise remarkably.

It is worth noting that the NFT tokens were first launched in 2018 and until 2021 were mainly used as fan tokens by leading sports clubs including the PSG cryptocurrency.

The PSG cryptocurrency is currently trading at $41.

The price of the PSG fan coin more than doubled in the wake of the signing of “Messi”, and the coin reached its peak at $ 61.63 on August 10, a day after it was confirmed that “Messi” had moved to Paris Saint-Germain, for the record, “PSG” is a digital token among the digital tokens Supervised by “Chills”.

Will NFT fan digital tokens see another bull run?

The recent bullish wave saw a series of price hikes among different cryptocurrency classes.

First, Bitcoin rose in a revolutionary way at the beginning of the year, followed by large-cap cryptocurrencies, and then NFT tokens such as Chillz tokens rose to new highs and the cycle continued, after the cryptocurrency market recovered from a two-month bearish phase, and both Bitcoin and altcoins began The second stage of this uptrend.

The second leg could lead to a similar bullish price cycle once again including fan digital tokens.

Given the intensity and momentum of the Messi transfer news, it could serve as a potential catalyst for the rise of digital fan tokens.

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