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Real estate billionaire Rick Caruso announces that his company has accepted bitcoin


Rick Caruso, an American real estate billionaire, announced that his company, Caruso Properties, will accept Bitcoin as a payment method for the rental services his company provides throughout Los Angeles.

“Caruso Properties” partnered with “Gemini” to facilitate Bitcoin payments, and the company also invested in Bitcoin, according to a report published on the “LA Times” website.

The report highlighted that 1% of Caruso Properties’ treasury was converted into Bitcoin, with the estimated value of the deal not disclosed.

The recent investment in Bitcoin and acceptance of bitcoin payments put Caruso in a position similar to that of Tesla, which also invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin and began accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Caurso stated and informed that Bitcoin has proven its value as a hedging asset and explained:

I think it is a good hedge to diversify the company’s finances and has already proven to be a good investment for us.

He added:

I think Bitcoin and blockchain will do the next big influencing thing in the future and we want to be on the cutting edge.

Caruso, Elon Musk and Bitcoin:

Elon Musk may become the first Caruso client to pay the rent in bitcoin, as Tesla leases a property from Caruso in Los Angeles.

Musk recently announced that US customers can pay in bitcoin for Tesla cars and confirmed that the company will not convert Bitcoin into fiat currency.

Caruso said:

I haven’t spoken to Elon about that.

He might be the first to pay the rent in Litecoin to our company.

It is worth noting that the rising season of Bitcoin is not only related to rising prices, but also extends to the expansion of the focus of acceptance and adoption.

The largest companies such as Tesla, Micro Strategy, and now Caruso Properties use bitcoin as a treasury reserve, so it is now possible to pay rent and buy cars using bitcoin.

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