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Report: Asian countries top the charts in cryptocurrency adoption


It revealed a survey of new included 42,000 people in 27 countries that the first five countries leading the adoption of encrypted currencies among its residents are all located next to China.

Asian countries adopting digital currencies:

According to the results of the above-mentioned study, Vietnam ranks first among all countries with 41% of all citizens surveyed saying they own bitcoin or an alternative cryptocurrency.

Indonesia and India ranked second and third, respectively, with 30% of respondents from both regions confirming their ownership of cryptocurrencies.

While Malaysia and the Philippines completed the top five, the United States and the United Kingdom each scored 9% and 8%, respectively, and occupied the last two places.

Among the countries surveyed, Australia and New Zealand each registered 13% of adoption, Brazil led the South American countries with an adoption rate of 22% while South Africa, the only African country surveyed, had a 15% adoption rate.

The Finder study also showed that Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency among the respondents and that the potential for male dominance in this new technology is very high.

The gender pay gap is said to indicate that women earn $0.82 per dollar of their male counterparts, and a similar gap appears in cryptocurrency adoption, with women owning cryptocurrency at around 71% of the proportion of men worldwide.

The global cryptocurrency adoption rate in the survey was pegged at 19%, however, only about 22% of men worldwide own at least one type of digital currency, compared to only 15% of women.

It should be noted that world leaders have remarkably spoken out against the dangers of the increasing dependence of cryptocurrencies on the global financial ecosystem.

The most important trading platforms present in the report:

Finder also got into the debate about the best cryptocurrency exchange today, with Binance taking its place as the number one platform.

Banance has been subjected to intense regulatory scrutiny over the past few weeks, yet it still tops the rankings of the most used trading platforms.

KuCoin, Robinhood, Coinbase, FTX, and Gemini are also ranked as the best trading platforms for various reasons.

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