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Report: Ransomware takes $ 81 million in cryptocurrency since the start of 2021


A mid-year report from Chainalysis, a company that specializes in analyzing blockchain transactions, showed that, until mid-2021, addresses linked to ransomware attacks had acquired up to $ 81 million in cryptocurrencies.

The company stressed that $ 81 million should be considered the minimum for now, as the number is almost certain to rise as more ransomware addresses are identified.

According to a Chainlayis report, about $ 406 million in crypto payments were made to ransomware addresses in 2020, the highest number on record to date.

For your information, ransomware is malicious software that shuts down and locks the victim’s computers and files until payment is made, usually in the form of cryptocurrency, to unlock the system after that.

Ransomware has dominated the headlines in the United States in recent days, especially after the recent attack on Colonial Pipeline, which is a major energy company.

Colonial eventually paid $ 5 million in bitcoin after its system was hit by ransomware, causing the shutdown of the pipeline system that was said to provide nearly half of the fuel on the east coast of the USA.

Recent reports indicate that the group behind the attack, is “DarkSide”.

Data published by analysis firm Elliptic last week identified the Bitcoin wallet of “DarkSide” which shows that a batch of 75 Bitcoins from Colonial was released on May 8th.

This wallet also showed that it received $ 4.4 million by “Brenntag”, a European chemical distribution company, which was also affected by the “ransomware” attack.

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