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Study: Bitcoin is the best corporate asset in First Quarter 2021


The rapid rise in Bitcoin (BTC), which is the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency by market value, has placed it alongside institutional assets in global markets thanks to its strong performance.

Bitcoin has remarkably resisted the discontent of authorities and governments around the world over the years, and has managed and succeeded in winning individual and institutional investors to grace it, which helped it change course.

In the first quarter that ends today March 31, 2021, Bitcoin is emerging as the best-performing investment asset, according to a study conducted by Misari, outperforming traditional assets including global stocks, oil, gold, government bonds, the global reserve currency (the US dollar) and others.

For the first quarter of 2021, Bitcoin grew 103%, in contrast to 26% for oil and 3% for global equities, respectively.

Amid the need to rebalance in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the global economy, assets such as gold, government bonds and investment-grade bonds tumbled 10%, 5% and 4%, respectively.

Bitcoin’s performance has also proven to outperform high-yielding cash and bonds.

There are several features that place Bitcoin ahead of other assets, while Bitcoin is decentralized, most other assets have a common denominator, being controlled in one way or another by human systems or governments.

Bitcoin works on its own codes, which were designed more than 12 years ago by its anonymous inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, and the entire system has been self-sufficient ever since.

Unlike other aforementioned other assets, Bitcoin is immune to human intervention and the consequences of unfavorable economic and monetary policies.

Bitcoin is also an anti-inflationary asset, which it combats periodically once every four years through the mining reward split event.

These features are part of the reasons why “Michael Saylor” CEO of “Micro Strategy” and other new missionaries of Bitcoin support its purchase and consider it an alternative to cash.

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