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The CEO of the crypto company “Kraken” announces and sets the time for public listing


In a recent TV interview with Bloomberg TV , Jesse Powell, CEO of cryptocurrency trading company Kraken, stated that they are planning a public listing within a year from now.

He told Powell that the company was doing all the necessary work in preparation for the public listing.

Powell said:

We are on a mission to introduce cryptocurrencies to the world, and we hope our evaluation will be a reflection of our success in achieving that mission.

People familiar with the matter said that after the latest round of fundraising, Kraken’s valuations are around $10 billion and could rise to $20 billion.

Kraken is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume, serving more than 6 million users in over 190 countries.

The crypto company recorded more new user registrations in the first two months of this year than cumulative registrations in 2020.

With cryptocurrency company Coinbase announcing its public listing on Nasdaq, more cryptocurrency exchanges are ready to list on Wall Street as well.

Jesse Powell blames traders for the current market trajectory:

The price of Bitcoin fell after hitting a record high above the $60K level, to return to trading at the time of writing this article at $40K levels.

Jesse Powell blamed traders who follow the media momentum for entries and exits, and sees them as the reason for the collapse in the price of Bitcoin.

While Jesse Powell praised the strong traders who continue to accumulate bitcoin such as MicroStrategy.

He stated about it:

Traders who have been holding bitcoin for a long time keep accumulating.

I said earlier that we will reach 1 bitcoin equal to 1 lambo by the end of the year.

It might be the current lambo that bitcoin can buy with fewer options or a smaller engine, but I think we’re still looking for very high price targets.

Interestingly, Powell touched on the latest topic of Bitcoin mining and the shift towards clean energy.

Powell called on Tesla CEO to learn more about Bitcoin mining and told Elon Musk to do more study about the mining process.

In this regard, Powell stated:

Bitcoin is greener than some think.

I don’t know how long Elon has been studying this, but I think he has more study to do on the subject.

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