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The conflict between a united China opens the door to digital currencies, according to the founder of Ethereum


The United States and its cold war with China continues.

The battles between the two countries revolve around the circuits of computer chips, digital services and mobile phone applications …

Who will win, Chinese or American technology companies?

Maybe cryptocurrencies will win.

This was suggested by “Vitalik Buterin” founder of Ethereum through his statement in a recent audio interview with “Morgan Piller” general partner in the investment company “NFX”.

After mentioning America’s aggression towards Chinese technology companies, the Ethereum founder stated:

To be sure, there is a lot of conflict, even if it has a negative impact on humanity in general, it is beneficial for cryptocurrencies in particular.

The Trump administration has spent most of its time arguing that Chinese tech companies have been a Trojan horse for the Chinese government.

President Trump tried to block the popular app “WeChat” (which is currently used by more than a billion people worldwide) due to national security concerns and also tried to force the sale of the video-sharing platform “TikTok” run by the Chinese company “ByteDance”.

Before leaving office, President Trump imposed tariffs on graphics cards (GPU) coming from China.

Buterin believes that this is the wrong way to handle things, and stated:

Basically, if your strategy for dealing with the scary things that worries you at a Chinese tech company is to go after China, you will be extremely vulnerable to any non-Chinese tech company, or anyone from any other company to fill the void.

Part of the world is trying to do the exact same thing.

And Putrin added:

This is where cryptocurrencies come in because decentralization is the only way you can convince people of the credibility that you really care about trying to protect people.

How will cryptocurrencies gain a foothold in the struggle between the two giants?

The founder of Ethereum demonstrates how digital currencies will prevail and provides the following example:

Three people fight in a gun battle.

Person A is less or equal in skill with “B”

And B is less skilled than C.

Is likely to win?

Answer: It is “c”.

The reason this is true is that A and B know that A and B are the biggest threat to each other, and so they will essentially kill each other, so C is the most likely winner.

Digital currencies are “c”

As the digital currencies are not on either side, but rather are decentralized and censorship-resistant.

The founder of Ethereum added in the explanation:

Cryptocurrencies are definitely one of those things that have a good position to be a “c”, and this is the winner in a major struggle between whether one country versus another or countries versus companies.

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