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The digital currency “BNB” rises to a new record high and the founder of Binance is reacting to its movement


The digital currency “BNB” is one of the well-known cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency arena, as it ranks eighth in terms of total market capitalization.

Additionally, Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, stands behind it.

Minutes ago, the BNB digital currency was able to achieve a new price peak, as the currency’s price reached 71.03 dollars.

CZ founder and CEO Binance reacted to the recent rally of the currency and told it was only the beginning.

The price of the digital currency “BNB” rises to a new historical peak:

Bitcoin and some alternative digital currencies, such as Ethereum, “DOT” and “LINK”, occupied the lead during the recent upswing. It appeared at the beginning of the bullish wave that the digital currency “BNB” is somewhat neglected.

As the digital currency “BNB” could not double its value as other alternative digital currencies did, which made “BNB” drop in the ranking in favor of “DOT”, “LINK”, “ADA” and “XLM”.

The digital currency “BNB” fell to the ninth place in terms of total market value, to advance in the meantime to the eighth place.

The first indications of the currency’s movement appeared in mid-January when the currency “BNB” moved towards a record price of $ 47.

Although rejection and resistance drove the currency price down by 20%, BNB refused to stay on the bottom and took another impressive step.

Soon after, the digital currency “BNB” topped the previous record and it has not looked back since.

The currency intensified its gains by breaking through the $ 50 level and touching $ 60, to rise above the $ 65 level and reach a new peak at $ 71, according to data from “coingecko”.

The rise in the price of the digital currency “BNB” can be attributed to the growth of the entire ecosystem of Binance and the deflation and burn mechanism adopted by Binance. Binance burns an amount determined according to its quarterly returns and its goal to reach the total currency supply of 100,000,000 “BNB”.

Binance founder reacts:

“Changpeng Zhao”, CEO of Binance, reacted to the rise of the digital currency “BNB”, and commented on Twitter about the recent developments in the currency’s price.

“Zhao” urged his followers on Twitter to look at the bigger picture and remain calm, because this is only the beginning.

Later, he made another comment while BNB’s price rose near $ 60, saying he would be away from Twitter for some time.

It seems that he was alluding to a similar post published by “Elon Musk” recently, who tweeted more than before about the digital currency “Dogecoin”, and the last thing he tweeted this morning:

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