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The founder of Twitter stated: I will leave “Square” and “Twitter” for Bitcoin if the latter needs me more!


Jack Dorsey, founder of Square and Twitter, is among the oldest supporters of Bitcoin, having on more than one occasion declared his absolute support for the coin.

At the Bitcoin Conference held in Miami, USA, Jack Dorsey stated:

If I didn’t work on Square and Twitter, I would do something on the Bitcoin network.

The basic cryptocurrency is the most valuable job in my life.

During the same conference, the CEO of Square and Twitter confirmed:

Bitcoin changed everything for me.

Because the freedom it represents attracts more than anything else.

Also noted:

I don’t think there is anything more important in my life to work on than Bitcoin, and I don’t think there is anything like Bitcoin in terms of empowering people all over the world.

As we previously mentioned in Bitcoin Arabs, Square bought $50 million worth of Bitcoin last year.

Dorsey commented on this by saying:

As a payment services company, Square aims to only work with Bitcoin to enhance the accessibility and capabilities of the asset.

If I wasn’t on Square or Twitter, I would work on Bitcoin.

If Bitcoin needs more help than Square or Twitter, I’ll leave them to Bitcoin.

But I think both companies have a role to play.

Dorsey also touched on the role of Bitcoin in the lives of others, and emphasized:

We don’t need banks anymore.

Dorsey believes that cryptocurrency is widely used in countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, India and others, due to the lack of proper financial services.

The Twitter CEO touched on a recent initiative he and Jay-Z started in which they started a fund with 500 bitcoins to fund bitcoin developers in Africa and India.

Dorsey noted that many entrepreneurs in Africa are working on developing payment services, especially those related to Bitcoin.

As a result, he and the rapper, who loves bitcoin, decided to fund people all over the world.

Dorsey pointed out that Square continues to support the development of Bitcoin because the Internet needs an original currency, and this currency will be Bitcoin.

He commented on this by saying:

The only reason Square came into Bitcoin was to achieve this end.

That is why we do not deal with other cryptocurrencies because we are very focused on making Bitcoin the original currency of the internet.

Shortly before going to the conference, Dorsey revealed plans that Square was considering creating a hardware wallet to hold bitcoin.

He noted that it will be open in the hope of serving hundreds of millions and even billions of people around the world.

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