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The story of a 12-year-old who made over $160,000 in one day in NFT tokens


Obviously, the crypto and blockchain market does not recognize age as a barrier to making thousands of dollars.

This article is in the same vein as we will discuss the story of a 12-year-old boy who made over $160,000 after selling a series of original NFT tokens for over $160,000.

This kid’s NFT collection is an exotic whale featuring a set of dotted whale icons inspired by a shutterstock photo .

The child, the subject of our article, is Benjamin Ahmed, who lives in a suburb of London.

Ahmed said about the NFT revolution:

I was interested in the NFT space because I originally thought it was cool, special, and unparalleled on the Internet.

Ahmed prepared 3,350 whales in different colors and shapes to become similar to “CryptoPunks” and “Bored Ape Yacht Club,” where each whale photo comes with a set of distinctive features, some of which are more rare and more valuable than others.

The 1205th image in the collection, which rates as the eighth rarest of a total of 3350 Weird Whale NFTs, has recently sold for around $6,000.

Mr. Omran, Ahmed’s father, works as a web developer for a financial services institution.

Both “Benjamin Ahmed” and his brother started working with “HTML” and “CSS” code at the age of “6 years”.

Recently, the siblings have been honing their skills on an online crypto platform called Codewars.

Then the Weird Whales cards were released.

Ahmed helped his father through the process of developing the special whale cards, telling him that he needed a touch of each element, including the backgrounds and objects on each card.

The NFT cards called “Weird Whales” became popular, after which “Ahmed” achieved 80 Ethereum in about nine hours.

Tell Ahmed:

I also made some money from royalties on OpenSea

Where when someone buys a whale, I get 2.5% of the amount they sold.

If it were the traditional financial system, it would be hard to imagine a 12-year-old getting $160,000 without the consent of a parent or guardian, not to mention the need for consumer protection laws and guarantees…

He told Ahmed that the Ethereum he had obtained was not going to sell him anytime soon, and said:

I will probably keep it. HODL.

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