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Tim Draper: Netflix is ​​next to join the bitcoin buying cart


Billionaire “Tim Draper” and famous venture capitalist who is a well-known bitcoin supporter, has predicted that the main internet streaming platform “Netflix” may be the next company to join the bitcoin buying cart.

Netflix may be the next bitcoin investor:

“Netflix” could be the next company to add bitcoin to its balance sheet, Tim Draper said while speaking on the recently published episode of the podcast “Unstoppable”.

According to “Draper”, “Reed Hastings” co-founder and co-CEO of the company makes there a high probability that “Netflix” is a potential investor in bitcoin.

Draper confirmed his point of view by saying:

I think Red Hastings is a very innovative guy with a lot of creative thinking and I think he still has control over Netflix.

So I think Netflix is ​​the biggest candidate for buying bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Draper mentioned the giant Facebook, as well as other major companies such as Apple and Google, as potential candidates to also invest in Bitcoin.

Draper indicated that companies were trying to create their own central digital currency instead of Bitcoin.

Draper also stated that if he is the CFO of any major institution, he advises the company to allocate part of its portfolio to Bitcoin, as Draper sees bitcoin as a hedge against inflation.

Since Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin, there have been many speculations about the company that will emulate Tesla’s move.

It can be said that the increased institutional interest in Bitcoin is largely responsible for the bullish momentum of Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, companies such as MicroStrategy and Square have recently added more Bitcoin to their vaults.

Is Amazon likely to accept bitcoin as a payment method?

In the same episode of the aforementioned podcast, Tim Draper stated that Amazon could start accepting bitcoins.

Thus, providing the opportunity for individuals to use the cryptocurrency to buy products on the “Amazon” store.

In February, there were reports that Amazon was looking to introduce a new project that would enable customers to convert cash into digital currency.

The project is expected to launch in Mexico. The company has not mentioned which digital assets it will support, although there is speculation that the company may not use popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

“Draper” concluded his talk about the future price prediction of Bitcoin, saying:

Existing currencies around the world are valued in dollars around $ 100 trillion, and bitcoin’s market capitalization is now at $ 1 trillion.

There is no reason why Bitcoin should not increase by 100 times.

It’s not like it will completely replace the dollar.

Although, I think people will laugh when they try to buy things with dollars in the future.

Tim Draper predicted earlier in 2020 that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

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