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Today is the anniversary of the first bitcoin purchase of 2 pizzas… The value of this pizza is now 365 million dollars!


Eleven years have passed since Bitcoin was first used to purchase 2 pizzas.

Today is World Bitcoin Pizza Day!

This is the day when many in the cryptocurrency community are celebrating the 11th anniversary of their first commercial transaction of Bitcoin.

On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyak paid 10,000 BTC for two Papa John’s pizzas in Florida.

Years later, this pizza had become the most expensive sliced ​​pizza in the world, at $ 365,000,000.00 at the time of writing.

Interestingly, it was worth over $ 600 million when Bitcoin crossed the $ 60,000 mark on April 11th.

Bitcoin Pizza Day:

Papa John’s will organize the anniversary of the famous deal by offering 10,000 pizza slices to the first 50 customers at any of its Jacksonville outlets.

Customers will have a chance to win a large bitcoin-inspired pizza.

Papa John’s are not the only stores celebrating this special day.

There is also “Slice”, a platform that connects pizzerias in the United States, and also the “Rare Pizzas” platform, which is the NFT project.

There is also Pizza Hut, which now allows Venezuelans to pay in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as the South American country is one of the largest Bitcoin users in the world due to monetary hyperinflation, as a result of bad domestic policy and US sanctions.

When we talk about Bitcoin adoption and adoption among financial institutions, we might mention elite institutions in the financial world such as “MicroStrategy” or “SkyBridge Capital,” which are powerful companies that have added Bitcoin to their balance sheets.

However, a small family-owned pizzeria decided it was time to put some of its capital into Bitcoin.

Here we’re talking about “Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria / Gelateria” which is one of the few small companies that invested in cryptocurrencies about a year ago.

“Greg Hathron,” the co-founder of this company, revealed that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology represent the smartest use of the Internet so far, as he decided to allocate $ 200,000 from the balance sheet and direct it towards Bitcoin during the outbreak of the Corona virus that caused a sharp decline in global financial markets, and added, ” Hathron, whose investment was approved:

Why Bitcoin for my business?

The simple answer is that I worked hard to save money, and I don’t like to see that this money is disrespectful and devalued.

Nor do I appreciate the politicians and central banks devaluing the American factor.

Bitcoin solves these problems.

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