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Will Twitter integrate BTC as a payment method on its platform soon?


In May, Twitter said in a statement:

You lead the conversation and the conversations and we have to make it easier to support each other beyond Follows, Retweets and Likes.

Today, we’re introducing a Tip Jar a new way for people to send and receive tips and tips.

There have been many reports, none of which have been confirmed or denied by Twitter, that Twitter is likely to include Bitcoin in its new service for content creators.

According to “ MacRumors ”, the platform is currently testing the feature on the “iOS Beta” operating system.

The official statement from Twitter stated:

Twitter’s latest beta update introduces support for giving creators giveaways and gratuities in the form of bitcoin using the Tip Jar feature that Twitter introduced earlier this year.

Currently Bitcoin is not available as an option for beta users.

However, the code in beta seems to indicate that Twitter is in the process of rolling it out in the future.

Before and after the update:

Previously, Twitter allowed users to add “Bandcamp”, “Cash App”, “Patreon”, “Paypal” and Venmo links to their Twitter profiles.

According to a Twitter update, the tipping function will use the Lightning Network to make smaller Bitcoin payments.

It will support third-party wallets.

Shortly after the first reports appeared, developer Alessandro Palozzi tweeted a screenshot about the new service expected to be introduced by Twitter soon, after it appeared on the Twitter application, stating:

We use Strike to generate Bitcoin Lightning bills so you’ll need to link your account to accept Bitcoin tips.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, had previously hinted at the move in July.

Such a move could bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, achieving one of many cryptocurrency use cases.

However, the report mentioned in the aforementioned source concluded that it is not yet clear when the Bitcoin tip feature will see an official release.

community reaction:

If the above reports are confirmed, Layer 2 solutions will grow even more.

In fact, according to some like analyst Philip Swift:

If the rumors are true that Twitter will soon offer small payments for Bitcoin on the platform via the Lightning Network, expect a lot after this move.

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